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  • Valóság Szellemi Műhely
  • Valóság Szellemi Műhely

Tűzszertartás – összekapcsolódás Eredendő Női Erőddel.

2018.április 21-én 14.00-17.00-Ig.

A négy elem közül, talán a Tűz transzformáló ereje a legintenzívebb.
A szeretet, a szenvedély energiáival, a belső tüzünkkel áll kapcsolatban, átsegít a változásokon, megszentel, inspirál.
Nem csak táplál, de átégetve a nehézségeken megtisztít.
Gyönyörű, intenzív erő, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy felismerd saját fénytermészeted.

A felkelő nap fénye eltünteti a sötétséget, beragyogja a horizontot, és mi pontosan tudjuk, hogy nem maradhatnánk életben e nélkül a tápláló fény és hő nélkül. Ez az erő teszi lehetővé, hogy a dolgok növekedjenek. A nap fénye, a lobogó tűz lángja az élet szenvedélyének megnyilvánulásai.

Minden elemnek, így a Tűznek is van egy kulcsszava – merni.
Merni álmodni, alkotni, teremteni, cselekedni, áradni.

A fény, amit szüntelen keresel, mindig is ott volt benned.
A bölcs nők az idők kezdete óta összegyűlnek a körben. Megteremtik azt a gyógyító erőteret, amelyben feloldódnak a visszatartó erők.

Mi most a Tűz támogató erejével teremtjük meg azt a teret, ami lehetővé teszi, hogy kitisztuljanak a blokkok, hogy megérezd a belső tüzed - meghalld a méhed bölcsességét.




Havasi W. MiaI hold the sweet and sour but most of all refreshing spirit of change inside and I try to remember that Life is an endless flow...

I am very grateful that I live in this ever changing era! It has been a long time since I chose alternative therapies and since the beginnings I experience grace on a daily basis.

It is unspeakably flattering when a person honours me with the chance to follow him/her on his/her way of life for a while and that he/she shares his life, joy, or difficulties. And all that I need to do in this case is to follow him with love, with my best knowledge, honest and accepting manner while honouring his/her personality in order to help to explore his/her own treasures inside.

Back in my childhood people around me used to talk about their stories while I was listening to them with great excitement even if they repeated themselves. As I lived every single „fairy tales", I saw the streets, the people of the scenes but most of all I felt the feelings of the story teller very vividly. I was extremely fascinated by the stories of my Grandmother from my father's side. I enjoyed sitting down with her in the twilight and listen, ask, talk. When I think back of these times, these were real therapy sessions, but obviously not in the usual form... I am concerned that my Grandmother taught me the art listening while understanding. I felt unconditional love and warmth from her. She was my shelter, my teacher, the only adult who understood me those times... I received a life-long gift in some years and I am very grateful for this in every moment.

After 8 years of amateur drama I thought that I would be an actress, I loved stage and it seemed obvious to play the roles in the scene but it seems Life had something else to do with me...

People's stories found me over again as if they had expected me to release them, to free them, to help to let go of their burdens carried for a long time, to ease the weights of massive mysteries. And then I realised that I have so much to do! First of all, I need to free myself in order to show others later, how they can do the same by themselves.

I am waiting for you with my love on the way of exploring yourself, healing and remembering:

KINESIOLOGY (more under „kinesiology")
Alternative soul therapy that supports the function of the self-healing mechanisms of the personality by solving the trauma caused by the events of the past which may have a significant effect on your present life and health state.

The process of the kinesiology session:

- We speak about the physical or spiritual problems in the present state of life
- Through an investigation we explore the likely background of this
- We raise the problem to the conscious level
- We carry out the kinesiological dissolving.

SOUND WORKSHOPS (you can find more details below under the same title)


Your body is a beautiful living library... it is a print of our ever existence. Movement is the life itself, pulsation, liveliness by which we can explore our secrets stored in the library.

During moving you are able to turn your attention from your heads to our heads, souls, and memories. When your body is released, your heart free and the Power of Life, creating energy is freely flowing in your whole body.

„Shamanistic cultures do not limit the term intelligence to the physical brain activity, but they consider the whole body as a thinking organisation." (Wilbert Alix)

And what was exactly known by our ancestors is gradually proven by the development of quantum sciences in our era.


It is always special to work in groups. You don't know its composition in advance, many times the topic is created on the spot, but these nights carry unusual atmosphere and moments of deep experiences. We get to know ourselves the most in situations which are different from the usual, from the routine. Our relationships created with the other person tell the most about us.

AURA-SOMA – the world of colours

„You are the colour you chose" – says the system of Aura-Soma. In the course of a session the client chooses 4 bottles – this is the basic analysis – and the consultant „reads" the bottles in the language of colours, explores its symbolic system that reflects the personality by choosing. Tender power of essences softly knocks on the „door" which we need to open wide to make our life more complete...

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