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  • Valóság Szellemi Műhely

Tűzszertartás – összekapcsolódás Eredendő Női Erőddel.

2018.április 21-én 14.00-17.00-Ig.

A négy elem közül, talán a Tűz transzformáló ereje a legintenzívebb.
A szeretet, a szenvedély energiáival, a belső tüzünkkel áll kapcsolatban, átsegít a változásokon, megszentel, inspirál.
Nem csak táplál, de átégetve a nehézségeken megtisztít.
Gyönyörű, intenzív erő, amely lehetővé teszi, hogy felismerd saját fénytermészeted.

A felkelő nap fénye eltünteti a sötétséget, beragyogja a horizontot, és mi pontosan tudjuk, hogy nem maradhatnánk életben e nélkül a tápláló fény és hő nélkül. Ez az erő teszi lehetővé, hogy a dolgok növekedjenek. A nap fénye, a lobogó tűz lángja az élet szenvedélyének megnyilvánulásai.

Minden elemnek, így a Tűznek is van egy kulcsszava – merni.
Merni álmodni, alkotni, teremteni, cselekedni, áradni.

A fény, amit szüntelen keresel, mindig is ott volt benned.
A bölcs nők az idők kezdete óta összegyűlnek a körben. Megteremtik azt a gyógyító erőteret, amelyben feloldódnak a visszatartó erők.

Mi most a Tűz támogató erejével teremtjük meg azt a teret, ami lehetővé teszi, hogy kitisztuljanak a blokkok, hogy megérezd a belső tüzed - meghalld a méhed bölcsességét.



You told

"In the strongest panic when I hardly dared to go out to the street and I was only able to go by taxis, after Mia's treatment I was promptly able to go home by public transport. I merely could not believe my eyes how huge power it gave. Every treatment is energizing and a relief. Deeksha is always a fantastic experience."



For me, it was always inspiring to hear the pure words, understandable explanations. Without high-flying and obscures so that the healing effect of the energies was doubled as they quickly achieved their purposes. The heart was purified, the thoughts were replaced by feelings with an ever lifting "vibration", and I left with miraculous experiences from you. These effects joined on my way and I know I became more by them. Thank you for all moments.



Kinesiology is always intangible for me as it achieves its purposes very sharp, it tells what I should work on or what is happening in that moment in me. It is shocking me every time. What is the most surprising is that many times I cannot define or express the root of the problem but when you touch and tell, I immediately feel that 'YES', this is it! This is all about! Except that I could not decode or express this consciously, but you and kinesiology helped to recognise.

Kinesiology is authentically to me because if someone with this method can feel in the guts and tell better who I really am, I cannot argue with that. That EXISTS. And what we recognised and found, I believe and know that it can be cured, corrected and developed. As for my personal experience, kinesiology is a perfect method for this.

The reason why Mia is the ultimate kinesiologist for me is because she herself and her personality are very authentic to me. If she "Mia-ised" me only half much as she does, then I would be already fine! :-) And I feel that she truly cares about my self-development and every single vibes from her shows how dedicated she tries to give the most of herself to make me feel better. Her faith, enthusiasm, insight and goodwill always give me power. I cannot stress enough to say thank you for being for me!

Ági Hamvai,

who proved to be able to develop, And if I was successful, then others are definitely... :-)))


When I first met kinesiology, I met you at the same time, so I connect this kind of healing and helping to you.

I find kinesiology the most attracting as it is more to essential than other methods I had tried before. It is a real investigation for reasons where we are guided when not paying attention to ourselves.

To meet with you is always very calming even in the most unstable periods. You are surrounded by some kind of aura giving security which I take on spontaneously and I always feel safe when we meet; let it be any kind of topics. I feel we planted a seed each time we meet. Often solutions came in weeks or months when it was time for them. I never felt bound or pushed, we proceeded in my pace.

I think you have a great sense to feel and sense others and to find the right path to the soul. I think this is a talent to be born with. I think you were born to this! ;)

I have less experience with the groups. I have had good and bad experiences. I am not always able to open up easily, therefore I had difficult moments and also the current state of the group may be important. For me it was harder to open up in a company but for example the fairy-tale night was fantastic!

Todorovics - Tukora Szilvia


Dear Mia,

Firstly I felt the change inside that some kind of feelings, pains, reactions moved away from me, and now I experience the relief that things happen in a different way. I pay attention to myself, to my feelings, instincts, messages :-)

I live a much happier life than ever... definitely better than some years ago. I think that I haven't felt so close in my life before... I cannot put this better in words but I am sure you'll understand this! I enjoy and love my life!! :-) I notice the beat of my blood while carrying my bag, I notice my breathing, the muscles in my cheek when smiling, and I feel them loosening when I let the tension go... :-)

I know that I am in the beginning of the road and there is still a long way ahead. I have so much to do to handle hurts and my self-confidence.
I would like to share this experience with everyone! :-) I feel like shouting out loud for the people to look out a bit from their everyday tasks and see all those beauties surrounding us! Or simply sit down for a while and think about those things that energize you! :-)
Dreams and meditations energize me :-) I feel that my Guardian Angel or if I have more, than my Angels sent a message to me in my dreams that they take care of me and they are always around. :-) I love Them very much!
So Dearest Mia, I AM VERY GRATEFUL FOR YOU and all HEALERS I met at your place, in the Temple of Light!
And also for Andi to take me for the first meditation and that she is so strong and has been working a lot on herself too. These things are great in my opinion! :-)



Brigi :-)


Dearest Mia,

With your unconditional acceptance you create an atmosphere where I am able to open up and speak about my most hidden, dreadful, worried, unspoken secrets with humour, and I can deal with them. You helped me to learn how to approach my unconscious and conscious without fear and with loving acceptance with the aim to bring up and heal the obstacles and old, stuck, harmful patterns in treatment. As Kuthumi would say: "love your mistakes to death", you radiate this in your personality in every single moment and you help us to learn to be free this way and to show the example to others as well. Dear Mia, I would like to say thanks to you with all my heart for all treatments, mails, guidance because they helped me to let go many of my problems, fears, and physical complaints. You inspire me to face myself without fear and with love and acceptance, in order to live my life in love and harmony by converting my harmful patterns and to get closer to my real, authentic Self.